Pika Protocol
Trading Guide

Getting USDC and ETH

Traders need to have both USDC and ETH on Optimism network to open a trade. USDC is used as the margin token and ETH is used to pay for gas fee.
You can use any of these bridges to to transfer tokens to Optimism network:
On Optimism network, you can use Uniswap to swap ETH to USDC or USDC to ETH.

Opening Positions

Switch your Metamask wallet to to the right blockchain and connect it to the trade page. Click the product list on the right and select the trading pair you want to trade.
Choose LONG or SHORT and type the Size of the trade you want to open. The value in blue is the maximum size you can open based on your available USDC balance and your selected leverage. The Margin amount is automatically calculated based on your size and selected leverage. The margin is the amount of USDC you will transfer as the margin for this trade.
After that, the summary of the trade is updated. Oracle Price is the current Chainlink Oracle price. Entry Price is the estimated trade price if you open the trade. Slippage is the price impact of your trade. Liquidation Price is the estimated price of your position get liquidated. Fee is the trade fee to be charged. Total Cost is the sum of margin and fee.
If it's your first time trading on Pika, you would need to Approve your USDC token to be traded via Pika smart contract.
Then after clicking the Submit button, the trade is submitted. If your submission fails, please check whether your margin input is larger than $50.

Managing Positions

After the trade is successfully submitted, the position appears in the Active Position list with the position details.
To add margin to an existing position, click Add button and input the margin to add. Click Add Margin button to submit the transaction after confirming the new position details.

Close a Position

To close a position, click Close button of the position and then input the amount of the margin to close. You can either close the whole position or close partially. Note that if the time of closing position is less than 12 hours after the open time, for a position to close with profit, the current oracle price must be moves at lease 1.5% compared to the oracle price of the position open time, or the profit will be set to 0 even if the PNL is positive. 12 hours after the position is close, this requirement is no longer needed. This requirement is used to prevent bots from doing arbitrage by taking advantage of Chainlink Oracle's update delay.
A trade record appears in the Trade History section after the position is closed, recording the position details.

Add Liquidity

By providing liquidity to the exchange, liquidity providers take the opposite position of all traders on the platform. The vault pays for trader profits and receives trader losses. In addition, it also receives trading fees, interest and liquidation profit of trades.
After clicking "Stake" button, users can input the amount of USDC to be staked. Note the liquidity is locked for 24 hours before the withdraw is allowed.
After staking, the stake position will show up below. Your share balance is the USDC value of your position.
MyShareBalance=StakedValueTradersPnlMy Share Balance = Staked Value - Traders Pnl
Your USDC Reward is the USDC fees you earned by staking. 70% of fees are distributed to liquidity provider at launch, when the other 30% of fees are protocol revenue. After Pika token is launched, 50% of fees are distributed to liquidity provider, 30% to Pika token stakers, and 20% to protocol revenue.
MyUSDCReward=MySharePercent(TradingFee+InterestFee+LiquidationReward)70My USDC Reward = My Share Percent * (Trading Fee + Interest Fee + Liquidation Reward) * 70%
You can click "Unstake" button to withdraw your liquidity. If the utilizatio ratio is close to 100%, you might not be able to withdraw the liquidity until someone close the trade position. This is to ensure the platform is solvent at all times. For the USDC reward, however, you can choose to "Claim" it or "Reinvest" back into the vault whennever you like.

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